While we do enjoy what we do, there are expenses that we must cover in order to stay in operation. That said, we would encourage you to compare our pricing to any other operation in the metropolitan D.C. area. Auction houses tend to charge between 30-45% to sell your items. eBay has a service that permits you to send them your items and they will list, package and deliver your items. They charge 40% for that service.
Capital Area Treasures charges a 25% flat fee for all items sold.

What do I get for my fee?

  • A thorough inventory of all items that you are selling with estimates of their sales value.
  • Packaging and moving of items from your home to our facilities.
  • Drafting of a thorough description for all items that you are selling.
  • Photographs of all items that are being sold (typically 4-8 photos of each item)
  • Answering any buyer inquiries about specifics about items that are being sold.
  • Meeting prospective buyers to show them items that they are interested in.
  • Payment of all fees associated with online retail websites (eBay/ETSY/Abe etc.) that can be as much as 6% of sale.
  • Payment of all fees associated with online payment and invoicing services (PayPal) that can be anywhere from 3-5% of sale.
  • Covers costs associated with packaging and shipping items (buyers typically pay postage, but boxes can be pricey)
  • Covers costs associated with storing items until sales are finalized.
  • Covers handling of dissatisfied customers and the negotiating of resolutions to their concerns.
  • Covers reimbursement for items that may be lost or damaged during transit (no additional charge to you)