Do you?

Need to downsize quickly to adjust to a major life change (a move, a new baby, moving to an assisted living facility, handling the estate affairs of a deceased love one)?

Do you?

Have items that you don’t know whether to keep or discard and would like to have someone to assess the value of your items?

Have you?

Looked at the available options on the market to assess and/or sell your items and feel unable to move forward?

If so… Capital Area Treasures is here to help.

Capital Area Treasures is, at it’s root, a service designed to streamline the process for individuals who are embarking on a major life change and need a reduction in personal effects, furnishings, decorative collectibles, household items, artwork etc.  We have facilitated sales ranging from a $1 book to a $55,000 piece of art.  Additionally, we offer a lower cost solution for this type of liquidation (Please See Fees Tab).  Our concept embraces the notion that there is no such thing as ‘junk’ and that everything can be sold with the right amount of time and if sold at a reasonable price.

How it works:

The process is crafted to remove as much mental and physical stress as possible.

Step 1: A no-cost meeting where a Capital Area Treasures associate may review and photograph items that are being considered as part of the downsize.

Step 2: Capital Area Treasures will do a comparative market analysis to determine what similar items have recently sold for and come up with estimates for what seller may expect to receive for their items.

Step 3: Once seller confirms that they wish to proceed, a move date is established.  Items will be taken into our care, photographed and given a thorough descriptive write-up.

Step 4: Descriptions and photographs are listed for sale on one or more online sales or auction platforms (eBay, Craigslist, Abe, ETSY etc.)

Step 5: Once sold, we will provide seller with a detailed accounting of sale in conjunction with payment, negotiate the packaging and delivery process, invoice buyers, handle all complaints/returns etc.

Our goal is to partner with you in a way that eliminates stress and aggravation.  Dealing with auction houses and consignment stores is expensive (typically 30-45% of sale) and there is no assurance that the items will sell.  Having a yard, moving or estate-style sale is also a lot of exhaustive mental and physical effort that traditionally results in low-priced sales with stampedes of people wandering through your property.  In addition to the stress-filled effort of staging such sales, they are often wrought with broken items from clumsy sale-goers, theft and a ton of leftover items at the sale’s conclusion.  Our process eliminates these concerns.